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The biblical truths are here to 

help you have a relationship with 

your heavenly Father which you can experience in your life. 

Nothing compares to personally living in Covenant with Him as His child.


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• Restoring the Hebraic Foundations of the Early Church

• Preparing the Family of Jesus to be Light in Darkness

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Restoration Ministries International

The biblical truths are here to 

help you have a relationship with 

your heavenly Father which you can experience in your life. 

Nothing compares to personally living in Covenant with Him as His child.

Hebraic Articles

Mutually Growing Christ-like Relationships

This article is follow-up to our book, Growing Relationships Through Confrontation. This is a training workbook that is best used together with your family and/or with those close to you in Christ who are committed to becoming more like Him in character and purpose.

Fellowship In Homes — The Hebraic Model

This article explores the twofold focus of the early Church: righteous, load-bearing fellowship that equipped followers of Jesus for godly living, and sharing the Gospel wherever and whenever they could. Paul commended the Thessalonians for both their ever-increasing trust and the love they had for one another (2Thessalonians 1:3), and for the holiness and faithfulness they walked in through His Spirit (2:13).

Hebraic Home Fellowships Must Produce Godly Generations

This article discusses practical life issues that face today's followers of Jesus living in an ever-hostile world. Among topics are: •parental responsibilities and rights being taken over by the government •the urgent necessity for home fellowships as intergenerational, extended spiritual family to undergird and participate in training succeeding generations within their faith community.

To Love And Be Loved

Relational Intimacy Outside Of Religious Organizations

This article investigates an important relational point: NOWHERE does the Bible indicate that our God established a religion. On the contrary, His ongoing desire is to relate to His creation as chosen ones He has called out of the sinful world system. In the beginning God formed Adam in His own image to be able to relate to Him in a way that was uniquely different from the rest of His creatures. Eve was then created from Adam and for Adam to share that same relational privilege. How does this relational intimacy affect your own relationship with Father through His Son and the indwelling Holy Spirit?

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Are You Under Assertive, Assertive Like Jesus, Or Over Assertive?

(Click on title, above, for a questionnaire to determine if you possess Christ’s assertiveness)

A definition of biblical assertiveness might be, “a follower of Jesus who possesses the best combination of truth and humility.” Our goal as followers of our Lord Jesus is to become more like Him. The Head of His called-out ones was assertive in representing His Father and the truths that people must live by. As His followers, we’re called to represent Him in this world. 

I Hate Nicolaitanism

This article exposes an organizational church system which our Lord both hates and promises to war against. This man-centered, intermediary-operated system robs followers of Jesus from their privileged role as collective kings and priests  serving their God. We offer you a foundational understanding so you may flee that which God is warring against and join our Father in restoring the Hebraic foundations of the earliest Church.

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God's Clergy-less Kingdom

This article encourages intentional and purposeful discussion within your home and among those you fellowship with. Based upon our research of the early Church, we propose three non-optional foundational processes that enabled the first followers of Jesus to do their part in expanding our Lord's Kingdom. The first is apperception; the second is reliance on the giftings of the Holy Spirit; the third is maintaining the relational priorities of the earliest Church.

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IMPUDENCE — Reflection of the Anti-Christ Spirit in Today's Church

This article reveals the source of self-focused, rebellion-based congregational programs and practices that hinder obedience to the will of God and the Lordship of Jesus in people’s lives.

The Unsteepled Church

Upholding the Dignity of God’s Children by Restoring Self-Supporting Faith Communities

This article discusses seven faith practices of the earliest church, with emphasis on ministering to the dignity of needy people in extended spiritual family-style faith communities which meet in one another’s homes.

A Comparison Of The Hebraic Restoration And The Jewish Roots Movement

We invite you to read and discuss this in-depth comparison since there’s so much confusion regarding the two movements. They may seem the same because so many erroneously use the terms Hebraic and Jewish as synonymous. But for followers of Jesus, the spiritual understanding of these terms is quite different. The roots of the Hebraic Restoration are found in Abraham, the first Hebrew, and the promise God gave him that all the Gentile nations would be blessed through his obedient trust in the One True God.  Much of the Jewish Roots Movement, though, is a modern expression of the Judaizing element from which Paul fought so vehemently to protect the early Church.

From “Changing Woman” 

To Christlike Woman

The Sanctifying Work Of Jesus Christ

This article focuses on the demonic influence that dominates the cultural and spiritual life of a number of Native American tribes. We've written this to highlight the blatant control this principality has in placing women in authority over men. When people have learned about Changing Woman, they've often replied, "You're talking about my nationality (or family or denomination)!" In recognizing that this principality has made inroads on many fronts, you may gain insight from this article in determining if there are any subtle influences in your own family or faith community. If you’re a woman you’ll also benefit from an extensive presentation on living as woman who loves and serves Jesus as Lord of her life.


‍ How to live in Covenant Union with your Heavenly Father

Our Lord Jesus came to establish a New Covenant and bring forth a Kingdom of Spirit-indwelled people who love and serve Him in obedient trust. Jesus uses His church, that is, His body of those He has called out of the world system, to be His ambassadors reconciling people to His Father (Luke 4:43; 2 Corinthians 5:18-20).

“Put On Love, Which Binds Them All Together In Perfect Unity”

This article focuses on the vital importance of love-grounded mutual participation and Bible-based bonding in the four most common collective endeavors in Christianity: •marriage •faith community •ministry •business. These four cooperative ventures have similar elements requiring intentional Bible-based interconnection which can contribute to our heavenly Father blessing them. By contrast, if these elements are absent, divorce, dissolution or failure results. 

The Gospel Of The Covenant Is The Pilgrimage To Salvation

This booklet and/or audio clarifies the true Gospel which the earliest followers of Jesus embraced—the Good News He refers to in John 7:38,39. Counterfeit gospels abound today! Make sure you and your loved ones are headed for His Kingdom with the Gospel that brings Covenant union with our heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit's indwelling presence.

If you prefer listening to this book: The Gospel Of The Covenant Audio

There is also a shortened version with the emphasis on the interconnection of the New Covenant with our Father in His Son Jesus, and the marriage covenant: 

Our Heavenly Father’s 

Two Paramount Covenants — Interwoven And Made Possible By The True Gospel

Discussing How To Restore The Early Church

A powerful training and discussion tool of transformation for you, your family and fellowship family as you view and talk about these lessons together. This series of lessons introduces you to:

• The Relational Priorities of the Hebraic Restoration

• The Covenant Gospel of Your Pilgrimage to Salvation

• The Holy Spirit's Work of Intimacy and Power in Your Life

• Your Home as the Primary Place for Spiritual Development.

• The Biblical and Hebraic Foundations for Home Fellowships

• The Crucial Criteria for Communal Righteousness

• The Importance of 24/7 Load-bearing Relationships

• The Role of Godly Older Men as Shepherds of a Home Fellowship

We suggest you also watch our parallel video series to Discussing How To Restore The Early Church: Jesus In Your Home Bytesize

Living Out God’s Word:

‍ A Hebraic—Hellenist Comparison

A one-page comparison of the biblically Hebraic fundamentals within a faith community versus the pagan Hellenist influence that entered Christianity in the second and third centuries and now dominates it.